Welcome to the Fox Island Museum

Welcome to the Fox Island Museum

The Fox Island Historical Society held its first meeting on February 22, 1897, and has held a Washington's Birthday potluck every year since for 119 consecutive years. It is now held on President's Day each year.

The Historical Society was reactivated in 1959 and opened the first Museum in the Nichols Community Center.

The present Museum building opened in 1980.

The mission of the Fox Island Historical Society is to enrich the greater community through the discovery, preservation, and sharing of knowledge about the history of Fox Island.

Executive Board:
President Marie Weis
Vice President Tony Moore
Recording Secretary Jane Schuelein
Corresponding Secretary Mary Ann McCool
Treasurer Vera Hackett

Board of Directors:
Juanita Bjork, Corey McCool, Kathi Densley, Gail Jones, George Jones, Colleen Koval, Karen Kretschmer, Maureen Partridge and Betty Wikstrom.

There are more than 3000 artifacts on display in Dioramas, Showcases, and free standing exhibits. Among them is a display describing the life of former Governor Dr. Dixy Lee Ray, the largest collection of pulley blocks in the State, Indian artifacts and several antique gasoline engines in working order.

Our current main exhibit highlights the Mosquito Fleet that served Puget Sound and Fox Island. Come and see our topo relief map showing ports of call and shipwrecks.

May 2015 Good News! The Fox Island Historical Society has recently received notification that our 1908 log cabin, originally owned by the Lila Acheson family (later married to DeWitt Wallace and co-founded The Reader's Digest) has been accepted to the Washington State Historic Registry.

Hours of Operation
- Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM -
Admission $1.00 - Current Members free
- Group Tours: Call Marie Weis at 253-549-8140 for information

Thanks for supporting the Fox Island Historical Society Museum.
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  Welcome to the Fox Island Museum Welcome to the Fox Island Museum
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Fox Island Historical Society
Fox Island Historical Society
1017 9th Avenue,
PO Box 242
Fox Island, WA 98333

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